Let The Snow Flow

As many of you are most likely aware of at this point, much of the East Coast is in the middle of a "blizzard." With the snow often comes travel delays, cancellations and interrupted plans. Due to the storm's predicted severity, many airlines preemptively cancelled flights and interrupted plans for many passengers. 

Almost all of the airlines are significantly impacted by this storm. American Airlines has hubs in JFK, Philadelphia and Charlotte. Delta has hubs in JFK and Atlanta. United has a hub in Newark. All of this means not only massive delays for those flying out from those cities, it also means huge delays and headaches for anyone connecting through these cities including a majority of international travel to Europe, Middle East and more. Living in Philadelphia, I can say that we are certainly raking in the snow at the moment, 8.8 inches where I live as of 6am this morning.

With all of the craziness that comes with air travel for most people, the last thing anyone wants is to re-book their trip. Most of the airlines have ways of making changes due to weather, without paying the normal fee. 

Here's where to go to make changes to your flights.

Those are the major carriers in the United States, other carriers have similar policies and can be re-booked, fees removed, even refunds in some cases. Look to your carriers website for more information if you don't know what your options are in these cases.