Priority Pass

Lounge Review: Art and Lounge - Newark

In the last few weeks, I was able to get my hands on the Citi Prestige Card, which has many benefits attached to it. One of the major benefits is the access to Priority Pass lounges. Roughly a week after my Citi Prestige card arrived in the mail, my Priority Pass card came in the mail as well, and just in time for my trip to France.

Since I am travelling with Delta, and not on a OneWorld airline, I actually do not have access to any One World lounges, where normally my Platinum Status would get me into most lounge. Since this was the case, the Priority Pass membership that comes with my new card, was much appreciated. Luckily, Newark has a priority pass lounge (Philadelphia does not) and assuming I had enough time, I was going to pay a visit to the lounge. Things did work out, and while my stay in the lounge was short, I was able to get a feel for it.

Priority Pass has only one lounge in the Newark airport, it is located in terminal B, but oddly enough it is not within the terminal, it’s outside of security. While having the lounge is a nice feature, having to leave the lounge, clear security, and then make it to the gate is fairly problematic in that it requires you to factor in security times. As everyone knows, security is not exactly known for their speed. Though the security lines were virtually non-existent while I was at Newark, it could be a serious issue at higher peak times.

After arriving at the airport, I made my way through the airport to the lounge. Priority Pass has the lounge set up between the security entrance for Gate 51-57 and Gate 60-68. The lounge is named “Art and Lounge” and speaks to the artistic nature of the lounge. Art is a focus being huge on the walls, seating is fairly modern art feel. After arriving, I checked in with the desk and proceeded into the lounge. First thing you notice is that this lounge is small… really small. There was maybe 15 people inside and it felt like the lounge was half full. However, over by food was a little eatery like nook where no one was sitting. Seemed like an excellent place for me to set up shop. I didn’t really pull anything out since there was very little time until I needed to head for security and over to the gate.

The lounge attendants were setting up dinner service. Really the selection wasn’t big, but it’s a small lounge. At the bar there were a number of self serve wines, water and juices. Behind the bar upon request was some hard liquor if that was of interest to you. I’m personally not a fan of the taste of alcohol, so I stuck to some apple juice.

At the buffet, there was a small salad bar setup. Peanuts were my choice, since nuts are a go to snack for me, can’t go wrong with some nut based protein. There were also some water crackers there to snack on. At the other side of the bar, things were starting to be set up for a dinner service. Food was coming out, but much of the bar was unfilled at the time I was there, so I’m not sure what was on offer other than some finger sandwiches. Looking at the sandwiches, they looked anything but vegan, so I avoided them… not sure I would have tried them even if they were vegan, they certainly didn't look too appetizing.

while my stay as short, it was a good place to get away, but the patrons there were fairly obnoxious and unfriendly with the staff. Check-in was met with an unfriendly attendant. It was a little too small, I’d hate to see this place during a peak time. Really, it is a place to stop for a few minutes, but I wouldn't stick around for any period of time.