I'm Back and I'm Pulling No Punches

Hello, everyone, it's been quite a while since I last wrote. Life interfered and I didn't have as much time as I used to. Enough of why I left, the importance is what my plan is from here on out.

This website has gone from a photography website to a news website about travel, all the time failing to be what it really needed to be... a place where I was myself. The travel website does give a unique spin on the many airline reviews out there seeing as I am a vegetarian and review airline vegetarian meals. Outside of this niche though, the website was just another in a long line of travel news website, reiterating what a million other websites have said.

It's time I dropped the "be like everyone else" act and was myself. I'm opinionated, headstrong, and stubborn. I've got something to say on a lot of things, and many times it's a perspective you hear very few places.

Let me break this down for you. I love to travel and that will always be a huge part of my website. At the same time, I'm a rocket scientist, who lives for science and hates pseudo-science bull shit. That means if you are an anti-vaxxer, I think you are the scum of the Earth and likely should be brought up on charges of child endangerment. It also means I agree with 98% of scientist on climate change, NASA didn't hoax anything, the Earth is not flat you morons, and I am skeptical about your new miracle healing thing.

Going forward this website will no long be exclusive to just travel, though that will be a big part of the stories here. I am going to cover everything from science, to politics, to the stock market. These are no longer going to be information only sorts of stories, it's time to be me on this website, and that may mean I will piss you off sometimes, and other times tell you some pretty fun and inspiring things. 

Travel reviews will still be a thing, and there are some that have yet to be written from my trip to South Africa and Dubai in October. Stories will not exclusively be me bitching, but some weeks it may seem like that. Just be aware that I have known for a while that what I was doing was just rehashing stories. It's just taken me a while to figure out that it's time I be myself, because being like every other news site is boring. Time to light the fire and maybe be an asshole from time to time.

Hold on to Your Butt, AAdvantage is Changing

Looks like rumors are starting to fly as American Airlines starts to train their employees for upcoming changes to the AAdvantage program. Initial reactions from employees seems to be better than expected, that the changes aren't great, but they aren't going as far as United and not nearly as bad as Delta. 

While we've seen the writing on the wall, it's still disappointing to see this happen. United has switched to revenue based earning, as has Delta. Delta has all but decimated their loyalty program, so why anyone is loyal to them is a bit curious to me, but some people fly out of Atlanta I guess. Miles redemptions have gone up for both companies and now that the merger with US Airways is done for American, they seem to be wasting no time in making changes.

So while reactions are that there are negatives, the path to elite status isn't nearly as bad as it has been for United and Delta. So I am curious what this means, is this going to be revenue based, where I need to pay a certain amount of money to get status. I hate this idea since it's no better than just asking people to buy status. Indications up front from people are that it is not going to be revenue based, but something more innovative. I'm nervous about this whole thing. I am new to the travel game and I cherish my Platinum status, if they make it more difficult to get it, I'm not sure I'll be able to hold that position.

When will we see these changes? Indications are that we will see the for 2016, which means they have not given us much time to see and adapt to the coming changes. We'll see how this all works out, I guess now I'm just glad I was able to book my flight back from Beunos Aires before this all went into effect. 

American holds a special place as one of the single best programs in the world... I hope they don't go overboard here and jeopardize that position. Loyalty is a two way road, sour the relationship from your end too much and I have no reason to stick with you anymore. Tread softly American, you've got a lot of very loyal customers who have lots of competition to turn to.