Edit Photos With Me

Last night on a bit of a whim, I went live on to edit some photos and I really enjoyed doing so. For a few hours I edited photos and told some stories of my trip to South Africa. 

If you are interested in watching the editing process, want to ask me some questions while I do so, and just hang out, you can stop by my streaming page. is where I will be streaming, and hopefully soon I'll have a chance to get a more locked down schedule so people can have a regular time to join me. 

For now, I've uploaded a full video of the event to Youtube, so if you still want to keep up with the editing process, check out the Youtube video below. If you like what you see, come like and subscribe to my Youtube channel or come follow, subscribe or donate to my channel. Either way i hope you enjoy the process as much as I enjoyed going through it.

Project: Over The Wing

For me, setting goals or having something to work to is important. Even while I'm trying to hit Executive Platinum status this year, I'm also trying to visit all of the continents of the world. In the US my goal is to hit all 50 states, only 6 to go! While traveling abroad, I bring home post cards from across the world to write to my niece for when she grows up. I like to have projects and little things to do in order to continue to drive me forward.

Another project has been in the works over the past year or so as I begin to fly more and more. Personally, I see the best seat on a plane to be the window seats. I always want to be able to look out the window at the sky, or the wing, or anything assuming I'm not bothering other passengers. Take off and landing are of particular interest to me, as that's when you see the ground the most and the most amount of action is going on outside the window.

I thought it would be a fun project to start to document all my flights so that one day I could go back through and make a video or some kind of collage of a majority of the flights I've taken over the years of flying. In comes Project: Over The Wing. Every time I can get a good photo out the window of an airplane, I do so during takeoff, landing, and if there something really awesome during cruise, I'll take one then too. Eventually I'll compile them all into a piece of art in some way commemorating my flights.

For now, enjoy some of the fruits of my labor up until today, I hope you like looking through them as much as I enjoy them.

Moving to Adobe Creative Cloud

Back on the photography front, things has started to change on the software side of the equation. Most photographers use some kind of software to edit photos after they are taken, and I am no different. While we spend a lot of time shooting for the right situation, waiting for the right time and attempting to frame a photo exactly how we'd like to see it come out, sometimes it doesn't happen. There are many things that may interfere with a photo including people, weather, light and more. Software lets us correct for those situations and get the image out that we saw when we were there. It also allows us to style a photo to something that is interesting, while maybe no realistic, it is art.

Lightroom has been a staple of my software suite for a long time, as has Photoshop. These programs are very expensive, and as such I have avoided upgrading for quite a while now. Adobe has moved to a subscription model, which also has it's downsides. Subscriptions spread the cost out so that it isn't up front, but it does require us to constantly be paying into the system to keep the software. This day in age it seems like there are a million different subscriptions happening all the time. Video on Demand services, music streaming, cloud storage, so on and so forth, it builds one on top of the other until these subscriptions become a burden, so I try to minimize these types of bills.

Well as my version of Lightroom and Photoshop age, it is become obvious that I need to move to creative cloud. It lets me do mobile editing, lets me keep the software always up to date and gives me cloud storage for my photos. While I wish I didn't have to carry another subscription, this does seem to be the way I need to go as technology progresses forward. So forward we move along with it and hopefully this will make photo management easier as well.

Is anyone else making this move? Have you already switched?