Upcoming Lounges

My trip to Africa and the Middle East is coming up very soon and I'm starting to get pretty excited. Recently I gave a preview of my upcoming reviews in regards to flights, but there is another aspect which will make my reviews page... airport lounges. 

Here is a quick run down of what is coming up.

Delta Sky Club Atlanta Concourse F

My flight to London is on board a Virgin Atlantic A330-300. Virgin Atlantic partners with Delta for their lounge access at Atlanta, so I will have access to Delta's Sky Club in the international terminal. This is pretty much the flagship of Delta's Atlanta lounges. The space features everything you'd want to see in an airport lounge and more. Probably the most impressive feature is the open air deck that looks out on the tarmac. It's one of the very few places in the world where you can be on the secure side of an airport and get some fresh air.

Delta Concourse F Sky Club - Sky Deck

Delta Concourse F Sky Club - Sky Deck

British Airways Concorde Room

The flagship first class only lounge in Terminal 5 of London Heathrow. This lounge access comes with full sit down dining, a spa and more. In the past it has come with mixed reviews, but recently BA appears to be upping their game. Time to find out myself how good it is to pass through the lovingly dubbed millionaire door of this top tier lounge. 

BA Concorde Room

BA Concorde Room

Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge

Qatar's brand new Al Safwa First Class lounge in Doha will be a perfect place to spend a very long layover. The long downtime will provide plenty of opportunity to visit a huge lounge. This will be a very late night visit to the lounge, but it promises to be very memorable.

Emirates First Class Dubai Lounge

Just before boarding the most anticipated flight of the year for me, I'll get to spend some time in the most anticipated lounge of the year. Emirates does nothing on a small scale. Their A380 terminal boasts a first class lounge that also acts as a terminal. No I'm not kidding, this lounge is the entire length of the terminal, and solely restricted to first class passengers. If you've ever hated the bustle and crowds of economy class, this gives you a terminal to yourself and very few other passengers. It doesn't stop there though, you can board your flight from the lounge. Forget all the hassle of boarding with everyone else, you only need contend with a maximum of 15 other passengers if the A380 first class cabin was full. This will be amazing.

Prepare for an amazing series of reviews coming up!

Lounges Incoming

Part of the perks associated with flying as a Platinum Elite passenger (Sapphire OneWorld elite) is that you get access to business class lounges for all OneWorld alliance airlines. Also you are able to get access to American Airlines Admiral Club lounges as long as you are flying an international itinerary. 

Lounges are nice little addition to the trip to the airport. As most people have experienced, getting to the airport early has the drawback of having to wait around at the gate for the plane to leave. Often the gate gets pretty crowded and has very little room to spread out. That is where the airline lounge comes into play. These areas are set aside for the top two tiers of elite status as well as first and business class flyers.

A little oasis among the hectic airport, lounges provide little extras that make the trip a little bit nicer. Most lounges provide free beverages (yes, this includes alcohol), free snacks, beautiful and comfy chairs and in many cases a really nice view of the planes. If you happen to find yourself at a really nice lounge like I will be at in one week in London, you even have free access to showers. 

Now that I have access to these areas, expect me to start reviewing these lounges as well as the flights themselves. This leaves only one burning question, after a long Atlantic crossing on an A330-300 in economy, it might be nice to take a shower... so do or don't I try the shower in the Admirals Club.