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ATL Restaurant Review: Fly Burger

Walking through Concourse B of Atlanta's main South terminal and you will cross paths with Fly Burger. The little burger restaurant near gate 27 features a hostess, waiters/waitresses, a long bar, and fast service. Sitting down to eat at the start of my 3 hour layover in Atlanta I was ready to try what Fly Burger had to offer. This restaurant had caught my eye on my first walk through 3 days earlier. 

One problem that flying as a vegetarian can quickly bring up is that food at the airport heavily features meat and can often make eating a decent meal difficult. Of course we can always go to the little convenience store that is found in every airport, but those options are mostly along the lines of candy, chips and a few granola bars. Places like these do not give a great flight experience, the more I eat chips and candy crap, the worse I feel. Smaller airports have this problem in abundance since they lack the customer draw at these smaller airport that would justify a restaurant opening with vegetarian options. If you are vegan, it's even harder. 

Fly Burger stood out to me on my way to New York because they offered a vegetarian option while laying over in the worlds busiest airport. When I found out my flight to Greenville would set me up in the exact same area as my flight to Syracuse did, I figured I'd stop and try their veggie burger on the return trip.

Fly Burger, as the name telegraphs, is a burger restaurant specializing in just that, burgers. When I sat down, I knew what I was ordering so I didn't look over the menu in detail. There are certainly other options such as sandwiches and the like, but why eat anything but a burger at a burger place, so I ordered my veggie burger and fries.

The menu splits all the meals, sides are sold separately from the burger. If you are vegetarian, you likely know that being vegetarian often means our meal choices tend to be lower cost. The veggie burger at Fly Burger was no different, being the lowest cost burger on the menu, just under $10. Of course the fries were more than $4, which is a little steep, but we're in an airport. Captive audience and all, we know to expect this type of pricing here.

Service was quick at Fly Burger, they turn tables over fast and for good reason. Most people in the airport aren't there for a leisurely meal, they want in and out to catch the flight they are waiting on. This restaurant delivers speed, and the waitress helping me was decent, she wasn't blow me away nice, but she wasn't rude either. After placing my order with her, it was not too long until the food was sitting in front of me. 

Veggie burgers can range in what constitutes them. In this case there was certainly some black beans, some corn and definitely a grain base as many restaurant level veggie burgers often are. The burger comes with tomato (I dislike these so I asked for the tomato to be left out), lettuce and red onion. First thing you'll likely notice is how huge the burger was. It looked like a small frisbee and overhung the bun by quite a large margin. 

The burger was soft and with ketchup added to the mayo that comes already applied, the burger was hard to keep on the bun. It kept trying to run away in one direction or another when you gripped the bun. Once I took a bite it was pretty obvious this was a pretty well made veggie burger and likely made in house. Take a few more bites and the one flaw becomes glaring, it is way way too salty. Now I enjoy a decent amount of salt on my food, but this was like a salt lick, way overboard. It's not immediately obvious, but that salt taste builds and builds on itself. The side of fries was very good, well balanced salt, but added to the burger it became too much.

So what would I suggest for this restaurant. Well if you like salt, try the veggie burger, it was a bit overwhelming toward the end of the meal, but that does not negate the fact that the burger was very tasty otherwise. I want to love this place, but salty food is pretty basic stuff, so at the end of the day I'm going to tell you to pass on this restaurant. It's got so many good things going for it, and maybe they had a bad day, but this was not well executed and salty food is something that puts people off. I hope they get a handle on this, but for me, I'll try something less salty next time.