MileagePlus X App

The MileagePlus X App has been around for a while now, but until this weekend I had been completely unaware of its existence. This app is a really great way to take advantage of local stores for air miles under the United MileagePlus program. 

The way the MileagePlus X app works is basically you buy an electronic gift card that is issued instantly and shown on the app as a digital gift card. Show the phone to the clerk with the gift card pulled up and use it to pay for whatever you are getting. This is a really easy way to start taking advantage of miles earning for all the purchases you make around your local area. Often the only way to grab miles in these cases is with your credit card points/miles. 

The miles earned through the app are not insignificant either. I was surprised that Dave and Buster's is on the list and you earn 5 Miles per dollar spend at Dave and Busters right now. That is absolutely amazing! I normally spend roughly $35 at Dave and Busters when we go, and that now can equate to 175 miles every time I go.

Earnings don't stop there, Regal theaters are my local area theater company and they too offer miles for purchases. How about P.F. Changes, Starbucks, or Panera? How about Toys R Us or Pep Boys?  From dinner to an oil change, it is impressive where you can earn miles. This app really makes it easy to earn miles on purchases that might have limited you to credit cards only locally. 

The question I haven't yet answered is what is the best card to purchase these items with. That is dependent on how the purchases show up on the card. I know they are listed as a purchase through the app showing as an app pruchase detailed to the gift card you are buying. I still have yet to see if each purchase shows as a restaurant or travel bonus category, or just a general purchase. I suspect they will show as a general purchase.

The app promises an additional 25% bonus if you use the MileagePlus credit card, a card I do in fact own. However, with my Amex Everyday Preferred card, I am able to get 50% bonus once I hit the 30 purchases per month made on the card. That 50% bonus automatically makes using this card a better option than using the MileagePlus card for these purchases, you get an additional 25% bonus above the bonus you'd see from the United card. Also, the points earned on the Amex card are transferable, making the earned points more flexible and ultimately worth more. 

The great thing here is that the purchases are basically a double dip. You are earning miles on United through the app, and then earning miles from the credit card purchase. Any time you can double dip on purchases is great. What sets this app apart is that it acts much like the online shopping portals many airlines have that allows purchases to earn miles. This app allows earning on you purchases around your home town, purchases that previously had been difficult to double dip on. 

Get this app and use it to earn even more miles. As credit card companies lock things down more, finding these types of options for earning are even more important to offset the loss we are seeing in the bonus signup arena. I'll review this app later in more detail once I've had the chance to use it more.