Uber Chopper Dubai

You read that correctly, if you're in Dubai or a few select other locations, a helicopter flight may be in your future. This is an interesting way to change things up for Uber, a little outside of the traditional model. I ran across this months ago on my phone when looking up Dubai and Uber, there it was a chopper icon for Dubai, but at the time it was not yet active.

It seems the service is live now... but maybe not what we all would think of when it comes to Uber. Everything is able to be booked through Uber as we would think. After the request is made, the chopper company that Uber is partnering with will even call you to confirm your request. Problem is, it doesn't actually get you anywhere. This is not a point to service, it seems to be more of a tourist attraction.

Reading in more depth, the fine print as it were, says that all choppers begin and end at the Atlantis hotel, located on Palm Jameirah, the massive man made palm shaped island in the ocean off the coast of Dubai. That is where you can see that this is essentially a way to market flights to tourists. Beginning and ending at the same location means that you cannot do any point to point destinations. 

One some levels this makes sense, it isn't exactly easy for a random person to gain access to helipads around the city. I'm sure no building operator with a helipad wants random people off the street climbing to the roof to access their helipad. However it's a bit of a disappointment, I thought it might be kind of fun to try once as a point to point service. Doesn't look to be that way.

If you do find yourself in Dubai looking for a tourist chopper ride, look no further than Uber. It does require some safety briefings, identification and other things before hand so it also doesn't really flow with the on demand nature of Uber either. Keep it in mind though and it may just be an interesting way to go flying around Dubai.