SpaceX and Mars Civilization

My background is in Aerospace Engineering, and in college I focused on Astronautics. As you can imagine, I'm very interested in spaceflight and the future of exploring the solar system. On the human exploration front, Mars is next up, but what is the future beyond that... what about colonization of a new planet?

Elon Musk, the CEO of the amazing SpaceX, spoke on this yesterday. While Elon isn't the best public speaker, his vision for the future is impressive.

In his speech, Elon points out that this video was not made as purely artistic. The basic rocket designs are ones that SpaceX is currently working on, these 3D models are the plans that SpaceX is using for the future. Incredible!

If you want to see Elon's full speech, it's pretty long, but here it is.

This is the vision we need to push us forward. We need to be excited about space, it drives innovation, gives us a vision for the future. I look forward to seeing where the world goes with this technology. It'll be an amazing ride!