New Delta and American Safety Videos

Last week American Airlines announced the release of their interesting and shiny new safety video. Not to be outdone by American Airlines, Delta announced their new safety video less than 24 hours after American.

American Airlines has a very interesting video. It is attention grabbing, and fun. Reactions have been mixed, but I actually like it quite a lot. It is interesting enough to capture your attention, even if it isn't perfect, it does its job in a fun way. 

Delta, apparently jealous that American Airlines was getting press for their safety video, then released their safety video the very next day. It has a video game theme and in my opinion is much worse than the American Airline video. Delta's video is an unfortunate attempt at interesting that falls flat with me. It's just the safety speech with some odd visuals.

Safety videos can be important for passengers who haven't flown recently or fly extremely infrequently. Those of us who fly regularly, the safety speech just gets tuned out, I know where the life vests are, I know how to buckle a seat belt. So when airlines add interesting twists to the safety video, it can grab your attention and make the mundane interesting again.

We are regular flyers though, so we'll probably see that video 400 more times, and it'll get boring again at some point.