Looking at Marriott Gold

Up until today, I had only the lowest tier of status with the Marriott Rewards program. Silver status comes as a perk with the Marriott Rewards credit card. Silver status has a few nice perks, but really isn't all that interesting. Today, with the ability to link my accounts on Starwood and Marriott, I was able to grab Gold Status.

Now that I have Gold Status, lets take a look at the benefits. 

As the above chart shows, Marriott has 3 tiers of status. Silver is nabbed after only 10 nights, Gold after 50 nights, and Platinum after 75 nights. SPG matches Gold to Gold and Platinum to Platinum. SPG requirements are slightly easier at 25 nights for Gold and 50 nights for Platinum. 

We're going to be focusing on Gold Elite status on Marriott, since this is what I was matched to. The major bumps from my previous Silver status start with the 5% additional points for stays... not a huge jump over Silver status. Still it's nice to earn slightly more points toward future stays.

Next is the guaranteed room type. This only means you get priority for the room type you want. Not really a perk in my opinion. Not sure the last time I was given a room I didn't purchase.

Complimentary room upgrades. This can actually be a pretty big deal, in practice though we'll have to see how often this is given out. Starwood has requirements built into their hotel contracts that mean high level elites get room upgrades regularly. At Marriott it says based on room availability. If this is left to the hotel owner, these upgrades may happen infrequently as I've seen to be the case with other companies like IHG. So really this is a wait and see how it works in practice.

Enhanced internet free is the next perk. Really this depends on how fast the in room internet is in practice. Getting bumped to the highest tier of internet for free is appreciated and very useful for me but how many hotels even have multiple tiers of internet access?

The last one is probably the biggest deal for Gold members. Free lounge and breakfast for two people. Breakfast for two people at a hotel can run $40 or more in many cases. Having this perk is actually amazing and better than what SPG offers to Gold status members. This perk is probably the biggest deal of this status match.

So that's what Gold status looks like. Platinum has some very minor upgrades over Gold, but Gold status seems to be a sweet spot in the Marriott program. I'll have to make a Marriott stay to see how it all works in practice.