Will The TSA Ever Shorten Lines?

Just another day with the TSA as our main form of airport "security." Seems that the TSA is warning us yet again that this fall will come with heavy airport security lines in a reoccurring problem that the government agency can't seem to get a handle on.

Not too long ago we were blindsided by the TSA way understaffing airports and stretching lines out the door. Wait times skyrocketed to 3+ hours in some airports like Chicago. My fiance was privileged enough to experience one of these lines, lucky for her she had decided to get to the airport way in advance that day to get some work done.

As the people stacked up and down the block, the TSA seemed to have no answer for the growing problem. Airlines stepped in where they could in an effort to avoid missed flights. Despite that effort, little has been done on the TSA side of the equation. No increased staffing seems to be coming as the TSA has once again issued a warning that lines would remain extremely long for the fall travel season. 

So brace yourselves, the TSA is gearing up to screw up another travel season. Plan accordingly.