What Travel Apps Do I Use?

Yes it is true, I travel quite extensively. I also enjoy riding the bleeding edge of technology, always enjoying the punishing position to be first to use new tech. As such I try to make use of the best apps on my phone to make my travels not only better but also easier. here are my top apps for traveling. 

Google Maps

Maybe this one seems a little obvious, but Google does maps better than anyone else. I don't use them for road trips though since my travels rarely include a rental car... in the cases I do have a car I'll use it or the Google owned Waze app for directions.  

Instead I find the transit maps of Google to be some of the most important maps to have. The combination of locations of pretty much anything you need, mixed with exactly how to get there... really there are very few apps that get more use than Google Maps on my phone. 

Delta/American App

We live in a digital world now and I really don't want to carry a paper plane ticket with me unless I have no other option. Most places now take airline tickets on the phone, and that's how I travel. Of course this is more difficult internationally, but for domestic flights, your airline app is indispensable.


Worldmate is an app that keeps all of your trips in one location. Much like Tripit or similar apps, except their fee to get delay and cancellation information is about 1/12 the price of other similar apps. This app is hardly used outside of my flights, but when trying to get to your gate in London before they put it on the board (yeah, London travelers will understand that mob scene) this app gets me to American Airline flights a good 10-15 min ahead of everyone else. We'll see how it does with Delta.


This is the ultimate in flight tracking apps, I only use this app to see where my incoming plane is, and estimate if it will be delayed or not. This app has gotten me to gates on time, and let me know how delayed a plane really will be even if the airline doesn't tell you at the airport since I can see the incoming aircraft hours before it lands. 


I hesitate to recommend this app. I've used this app extensively, it helps locate lounges at airports. It gives a preview of the lounge, shows reviews from other travelers and even lets you purchase access at some locations. This app was irreplaceable to me... except it's no longer working on my phone. The app will not stop crashing for me and I can't view any lounges. I've been hoping for an update, but weeks have gone by with no changes. If you have Android phones, avoid this one for now, if you have Apple you might have better luck. Check it out, it may be working for you but my phone refuses to act nicely with this app now. This is one I really wish I had back. 


This is the main core of my travel apps, this is not all of them, entertainment is a big to do with me but those apps are more your preference and very well known, so I don't feel the need to recommend them. Travel apps tend to migrate around with me, but these core ones have not changed for a good long while. Go check them out if you are interested, all have a free version available.