Barclaycard Snubs Android Pay

Another day, another story about a company that doesn't support Android Pay. This time we're talking about Barclaycard, one that I noticed when my JetBlue card was unable to be added to my Android Pay wallet. Like with Citi, this policy confuses me, but there is something running underneath all of this that throws me for a loop. Barclaycard supports Apple Pay.

If you're like most of the world, you're on Android, sorry Apple users it's true. Everywhere in the world, Android is grabbing market share, in Europe it captures 75% of the smartphone market. Even in the US where historically Apple and Android have fought over market share pretty evenly, Android is grabbing shares of Apple's market, now representing 65% of the market in the US and growing. This is not a slight against Apple users, it is merely a fact that makes companies favoritism of Apple all the more confusing. 

In the app arena, if you've been an Android user for any period of time, you've likely noticed companies releasing apps on Apple first. It still happens to this date, my new smart luggage for instance does not yet support Android. Even my website hosting company releases apps on Apple that it has never released to Android users.

Android is massively dominant, but companies appear to be ignoring that customers are more and more on Android. It does not make business sense anymore to release on Apple first and ignore Android for years. Catering to 1/3 of the market in the US seems ludicrous, but that is what companies still do. Whether it is because they are set in their ways, or developers own Apple devices, or whatever the reason, things are still shifting more and more to Android. Ignoring this majority of the population is making less and less business sense.

It is time for Citi, American Airlines, Barclaycard and others to realize that cutting out huge swaths of your customers does not make sense buisness wise or any other way. It's time to throw your weight behind Android just as much as Apple, it is time to support Android Pay. I'm looking at you Barclaycard, let's join the 21st century already.