Add A Little London To My Layover

Reviewing my schedule for the upcoming trip to South Africa, I noticed that my layover at London Heathrow would be quite a long time, much longer than I had originally thought. In fact the layover is a full 14 hours from landing to takeoff on my next flight to Johannesburg. That's way too long to be sitting in a lounge.... especially when in one of my favorite cites in the world.

The logical step is to take a day trip into the city, and why not. 14 hours is enough to revisit parts of the city, and maybe even catch a museum or two I had not previously been inside of. Right now I'm only starting to plan the heavy details of this part of my trip, but I've been wanting a chance to go to London again. Certainly not long enough to dive deep into parts of London I have yet to visit, it does give me a chance to look around and add a great city to the list of places I've been this year. 

London for me is one of those cities I can go back to many times. However, there is always the question of what to do with your luggage while your exploring the city. 

Luckily London Heathrow has baggage holding services at most terminals. For a small fee, you can leave your bags there for hours or even days should you want to pick it up on a return trip, or whatever your use case may be. This service allows me to drop off my bag full of clothes and take my important stuff in my small second bag. I'll be free to roam the city for the day and still have plenty of time to return to the airport, collect my belongings and get on my next flight.

Now time to get to planning out my itinerary.