Glasses To Be Disallowed in Passport Photos

Statistically speaking, 75% of American adults require some sort of vision correction. Of those people 64% wear eye glasses. While it's not completely clear what percentage wears glasses on a permanent basis, all people who use glasses should be aware of some upcoming changes to passport requirements in the United States.

Starting November 1st, glasses will no longer be allowed in your passport photos. While it's not entirely clear why this change is being put in place, some have theorized that glasses make it easy to change your appearance quickly. This reasoning seems a bit flawed, as merely wearing glasses doesn't seem like a good way to pass as another person on a passport. If CBP agents are getting tripped up by different shaped glasses, they may not be the best people to serve as front line boarder protection agents.

It also seems odd to make this change seeing as passports do not expire for 10 years. Anyone who just had a new passport issued will be wearing glasses in their documentation until that passport expires. So for the next ten years, agents will still be dealing with people with glasses in their photo. Of course changes have to come into play sometime if required and I guess it is better than forcing us to all reissue passports. 

Whatever the reasoning behind this is, the new requirements go into effect on Nov 1st. If for some reason you want avoid this, I'd suggest getting the passport photo done very soon. The government does not process these quickly, so you might want to try to get in before the new rules kick in. If you are going to CVS, or Walgreens, or someplace to have a passport photo taken, they may already be aware of the upcoming changes and still make you take the glasses off. US Government representatives have made it clear that these rules would be distributed to companies that take these photos to make them aware of the changes prior to the Nov 1st deadline.

Personally, this does not impact me as I do not need or wear any type of vision correction, guess I won the genetic lottery. My fiance on the other hand just had her passport reissued last year; I cannot remember if they made her remove glasses or not. Either way just keep this in mind if you have a passport renewal coming up, glasses will no longer be allowed in the near future.