Citibank Update

After the crazy process occuring with my Citi credit card account, it seems as though the most recent payment did process last night.... finally! That means my credit is safe this time, my account is back in good standing and we at least have a method to pay my cards for now.

Unfortunately the underlying issue has yet to be discovered and fixed. This means that for now I still need to call in and issue a payment to an employee not through the online or automated phone system. This is an incredible pain in the ass, but it is what I need to do until Citi fixes my accounts. 

Speaking with a supervisor yesterday he was able to verify that the orginal ticket that I opened on August 9th has not yet been resolved. While it is good to know that they still are tracking and working the issue, it has also been a full month since that ticket was issued and still I have not yet seen a resolution to my problems, so I'm not exactly feeling confident with Citi right now. 

For the time being though, my accounts are safe and I can continue to go forward with no worries that my credit will be dinged with a recollections mark. Hopefully this all gets resolved very soon.