Farewell American… It Was You

Hello from what is surely the shortest flight I have even been on. Currently I’m in the air aboard Delta in their MD90 first class cabin. In the time I’ve written this far in the article, we’ve  reached cruise and began our decent back down, pretty short flight. Offically this flight marks the first miles I am earning toward my Gold Medallion Status Match/Challenge. This also means that I’m breaking up with you American Airlines, and it was you, not me.

Soon I will be in Atlanta where I will be greeted by Delta’s Sky Club lounge, and one of my most hated airports ever. Now that I know how to make travel more enjoyable, we shall see how Atlanta stacks up with my other frequent flyer experiences under the belt.

I will be earning status with Delta farely soon, currently I have been awarded temorary status with Delta. I will get to see how things differ at Delta vs American Airlines, and ultimately see if this switch was the right move for me. So far my impressions have been fairly run of the mill. Service is about the same as American, first class seats domestically are similar with maybe more power outlets than I’m used to (US Airways old fleet still doesn’t have power).

The one negative standout for Delta is that they run an older fleet of planes. Right now we're getting ready to land an MD90. These planes often exceed 25 years old, and boy are they loud when it comes to air noise. Glad I have noise cancelling headphones now, they will certainly get some use.

We are readying for touchdown, so I'll finish my thoughts here. Delta is the new norm for me now, I look forward to seeing what they will have to offer vs American Airlines.