Looking Forward to October Flight Reviews

The summer is moving pretty fast for us and fall is moving closer. As the very beginning of October pushes closer, the one thing I've been really looking forward to is approaching fast, my trip to South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Once I fly this trip, I can promise you that a whole lot of flight reviews will be coming to the site once I return from the UAE.

Lets take a look at what flights I have booked and what you can expect in terms of flight reviews.

The flight pattern is a little convoluted on the outbound leg. My first flight will be from Atlanta to London with Virgin Atlantic. There were a few different options for flights from the US to London using Delta miles. First was Delta 767 in business class, however I've flown a 767 before. Same goes for the Virgin Atlantic A330, flown that plane before as well. I've never flown on an A340 aircraft before, so I chose the Virgin Atlantic A340 business class seat. Virgin refers to this as Upper Class. This is actually Virgin Atlantic's older Upper Class product. We'll see what Virgin Atlantic has to offer here.

After transferring in London, the reason for flying through London becomes clear, the queen of the skies. I've never flown on a 747, it's the only Boeing commercial plane (short of the 707) that I have never flown on board. This is going to be my first international first class experience unless I fly prior to October. British Airways will be taking me to Johannesburg in First Class in the nose of a 747. This is a big flight, I cannot wait to board onto this plane.

Once in South Africa I have a hop in British Airways business class to and from Cape Town. These are configured like inter-Europe business class planes. In other words, worse than US domestic first class. Same seats as economy, just with the center seat blocked out so no one uses it... not exactly luxury. This isn't too far of a flight though and should be a fine back and forth between Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

After my flight back to Johannesburg, I pick up my next flight aboard my favorite aircraft (I might be a bit biased). A 787 flight on board Qatar Airways will take me from Johannesburg to Doha, Qatar. Qatar is supposed to have an amazing business class product on the 787 and I cannot wait to see what it is like for myself.

Doha to Dubai will happen aboard a Qatar Airways A330. This is configured more like a domestic first class in the US, but it is a short hop to Dubai. Nice thing here is that this does qualify as first class and means I'll have access to the new first class lounge in Doha, which is supposed to be amazing.

After a visit to Dubai, I get the mother of all flights on my way home. I get to fly aboard Emirates flagship A380 first class. This is by far the most exciting of all the flights. Opulence out the wazoo, but most fun of all is the shower!!! Mid flight shower... oh yes, oh yes!!!! The gold trim on everything doesn't impress me, but a shower at 40,000 ft... yep, I'm a fan boy there.

Emirates lands me in LAX where I still need to set up a flight from LA to Greenville. This whole trip promises 5 flight reviews, and 2 major lounge reviews. Not to mention 2 new cities to explore and lots of reviews out of that. October is shaping up to be a crazy travel month.