Atlanta Power Outage Grounds Delta Flights

Early this morning, about 2:30am, parts of Atlanta experienced a power outage. This outage unfortunately caught Delta's scheduling and logistic computer systems, taking down their systems. This forced Delta to issue a ground stop for all aircraft worldwide and placer all aircraft on delays. Any aircraft already airborne were unaffected by the system failure.

As of 8:30am, all systems had been restored to working order, but the outage has backed up flights severely this morning and will likely cause issues throughout the day with incoming and outgoing flights worldwide as ground traffic will need to be shuffled and reorganized. 

Due to the length of the outage, Delta is warning of large scale delays and cancellations all day today while they attempt to get things back on track. Due to the system failure, Delta has also issued a notice stating that customers impacted by cancellations or sever delays will be entitled to a refund. Also if you would like to reschedule your flights, all change fees are being waived for flights departing and impacted by this failure.