Looking At The Next Olympics

With the Rio Olympic games in full swing, I've been consuming as much Olympics coverage as possible. I'm a huge fan of the Olympic games, and I've always wanted to go to an actual Olympics. With the next winter games in South Korea and the next summer games in Japan, I'm seriously considering attending these games in person if at all possible.

Will I be able to use points an miles to get to South Korea? I'm not sure if that is a possibility or not. I have very little experience with the games and not many people I know have tried to attend. If at all possible it might be more worth while to get a economy class ticket and bump to first/business class with miles if there is low availability to directly use miles for travel. 

Another thing that might be an issue is getting a hotel in the area. In Tokyo, I doubt this will be much of an issue. When it comes to South Korea though, the city isn't the largest international tourist destination and likely doesn't have the options that a place like Seoul has available. Then there is the issue if points and miles will be usable for the stays at these hotels during the games.

Tickets for Korea go on sale in October and I'm going to seriously consider attending some events. I'll be keeping you all up to date on my plans and efforts to attend the Olympic games in the future.