What Travel I'll Miss in South Carolina

If you've ever traveled across Europe, or in the US from Boston to NYC to Philadelphia to Baltimore to Washington D.C. you likely know that train travel is awesome sometimes. Amtrak in the US is great in the Northeast Corridor that covers from Boston to Washington D.C. Arrive at the train station with your ticket, jump on the train and go. No TSA, no road traffic, just a relaxing train ride.

Now that I'm in South Carolina, I'm no longer on the very highly traveled Northeast Corridor. At best I can expect maybe 2 trains a day to roll through this area, and I am fortunate to be able to grab a train at all... but the rides are long to places like D.C. 

Amtrak may be good for trips to Atlanta, but with such infrequent schedules, it may not be very conducive to a normal schedule.

What do you wish you had outside of the major cities?