What Not To Do When Your Plane Crash Lands

Yesterday after the crash landing of the Emirates 777-300 flight EK521 from India to Dubai, some footage was released that someone took on board the plane just after the plane came to a stop.

Watch the beginning of the video below and see if you can pick up on what we should learn from this video.

There are two immediate things we need to learn from the onboard footage and they go hand in hand. First, if your plane has just slammed into the ground, and the plane is engulfed in flames... Do No Grab Your Luggage. This is a recurring problem that seems to happen in many similar incidents. Your stuff is not worth your life. You should be off that plane as quickly as possible. Your 3 pieces of clothing or a laptop isn't worth losing your life.

Second and along the same lines... don't shoot a movie while trying to exit a plane that is on fire. While we do get to see inside the event, putting your phone down for your life is important. 

While it is your life to put in danger for your luggage, the problem here is that it isn't just their lives they are endangering. These people are blocking the aisle and making it more difficult to get off the plane for others as well. Do not de-board like you're at the terminal.

This seems like a very intuitive thing, but it seems to a be an issue every time we see a survivable crash. Keep it in mind should you ever find yourself in this very unlikely situation.