Emirates Flight EK521 Crashes on Runway

n a bit of breaking news, Emirates flight EK521 travelling from India to Dubai, crashed when attempting to land in Dubai. Right now details are still a little sparce as to what happened and exactly why.

Here is what we now so far:

  • he aircraft was a Boeing 777-300
  • All 300 passangers plus crew made it safely out of the aircraf
  • ircraft was engulfed in flames after landing and tearing off the right engines
  • Several explosions were seen after passanger evacuated the plan

Thats about all we know for now. I'll add updates as we hear more throughout the day today.


Update 9:58AM EST 

Some reports are showing that the flight attempted a very low altitude landind abort. The aircraft retracted their gear too low and ended up putting the plane down on the runway without gear. On the surface this appears to be pilot error, but we'll have to see how things pan out going forward.  


Update 11:36PM

After a fairly uninformative day, the only changes that seem to be coming out about the crash indicate that the pilot may have initiated an emergency landing due to a failure in the landing gear while in the air. This information appears to be from on board passengers. We will see if any other information become available.