Updates on Last Week - Aircraft Changes and Delta Status

After an eventful week in my travel preparations, I have a few updates I thought I'd talk about. 

What to do when an airline changes your aircraft?

My article last week covering what you should do when an aircraft is changed out on you has some updates now. While I did not change my Virgin Atlantic flight, I did remember last night that I had never checked the aircraft on my Qatar Airways flights. Guess what? They changed both my planes out. My original booking was in a 787-8 with an amazing business class, my second flight was much shorter from Doha to Dubai, only about 45min in the air. The Dubai segment was to be flown by an A330. 

When I checked last night, I was now on board a 777-300ER for the long flight from Johannesburg to Doha, and a 787 from Doha to Dubai. Now I love the 787 from Doha to Dubai, but it's hardly a chance to try a good seat, I'll barely be in the air on board that plane. The 777-300ER has a pretty bad business class and one I'm not keen to review, especially for the 9 hours I'd be in the air. 

I made a call to American Airlines on this one knowing full well this would not be as smooth as my Emirates plane change that could not have been easier. American Airlines should take a look at how Alaska Air handled my issues and put those practices to use. The first person I talked to at American refused at first, then went to talk to their help desk who told him to refuse me again. 

Knowing full well that not all American reps are made the same, I called back and tried again. She refused again to actually talk to Qatar, but did agree to put a note in to Qatar to change me to the 787 flight. Well that was progress at least. I don't hold any hope that they will correct this, but maybe a few more tries will get this corrected, we shall see. For now I'm booked in a really crappy seat on a long haul... at least it's lie flat. I'll get to review 2 different products on Qatar though, so look forward to that.

Delta's Status Match Website is Broken

This one did finally move in my favor. If you remember, Delta has a dead web link to submit a status match. I made them aware of this a good 6 days ago now, but nothing seemed to be changing. Yesterday, Delta finally gave me an update over the phone... persistence pays off sometimes.

They did inform me that the webpage will be back up Sept 2nd and they were willing to give me a special link to get me in before the page was fixed. So keep an eye out for the updated page, should be working at the end of this week.