Multiply Your Miles By Flying Delta

In the last few days I've booked a flight to visit family, and booked my final leg of my 2 week vacation in October. This is a total of 5 different segments booked and I will be pushing for a status match challenge to make it to Gold Medallion member in the next few months. There is a little extra bonus that comes with flying on Delta.

Delta partners with Starwood hotels under the Crossover Rewards program. That means for every stay with Starwood, I not only get my normal Starwood points, but I get Delta miles on top of that. The miles will also work in the opposite direction. Every dollar I spend on a Delta flight will transfer to Starwood points as well. It's like double dipping on your points and miles.

Starwood points are some of the most valuable out there and once have 20,000 to transfer back to Delta, you get another 5,000 free of charge from Starwood. Taking advantage of programs like this is essential to flying the way I do. Grab every mile you can, every point you can when it is offered to you for free or very little action on your part. If you can get rewarded for your normal habits, why pass that up.

This crossover rewards program between Starwood and Delta will prove to be very valuable to me in the coming year. As I fly more with Delta this will translate to more Starwood points which are arguably the single most valuable points currency out on the market today.

Make sure to sign up for this ongoing promotion if you have loyalty in both program. Keep in mind that you must have a loyalty status to make this work for you, but if you do it will pay off with no effort outside of your normal flying/sleeping habits.