Starwood's New "More For You" Promotion

Starwood finished their last promotion at the very end of July. Now we are getting close to September and Starwood is just releasing the details of their next promotion called "More For You."

Set to go live on September 12th, you'll be able to sign up for the promotion on that date that is planned to run through December 18th of this year. With the new promotion, you will be able to earn 2x normal base points on any weekday stay of two or more nights. If you are staying at a Starwood hotel on the weekend, then you'll be able to earn 3x normal points if you are staying at least 2 nights.

Weekends are counted as Friday and Saturday nights around the world with the exception of the middle east where Thursday and Fridays are considered weekend stays.

While we wait for the promotions signup to go live on September 12th, Starwood is running a contest on the promotions website. The contest allows you to enter your SPG member number and choose a card that represents each of the hotels under the Starwood brand. if you choose correctly, you could win a prize. If you lose, you get one entry into the larger contest which allows you to win a second time.

If you want to play the pre-promotion game, head over to the More For You webpage to see if you can win. The website allows you to play once a day until the promotion goes live. Go try you luck, I didn't win anything the first 2 days, but we shall see if I win in the coming days... assuming I remember to play daily.