20% Bonus on AAdvantage Miles Transfer

Those of us that belong to both Starwood and American Airlines loyalty program have a nice little bonus to take advantage of if you want to transfer miles. 

Starwood runs a nice bonus on every 20,000 miles you transfer to any airline at any time. Every 20,000 miles that you transfer from Starwood to any airline partner, of which there are over 30 now, Starwood hands you an extra 5,000 miles during that transfer. This applies for every 20,000 miles that are applied to an airline account. For instance, if you transfer 40,000 miles, then you get a total of 10,000 free miles loaded into that account.

Well, American Airlines is running a bonus right now as well, an additional 5,000 bonus miles for each 20,000 mile transfer, a 20% bonus on the normal transfer. The way this works is that when you transfer 20,000 miles, Starwood then gives you the normal 5,000 mile bonus, and then American Airlines gives you an additional 5,000 mile bonus once it transfers in. That means for every 20,000 miles you transfer to American Airlines, you get a full 50% free miles between the two bonuses... not a bad deal at all.

Is this worth transferring now? Maybe, maybe not, it all depends on what you foresee using the miles for. The one thing weighing on me about moving to Delta is how bad the mile redemption are. American Airlines may have devalued their program, but they still have some pretty good redemptions available for business class. In the end, transferring points between programs may be a good idea if you have a use for them.

These points may be more valuable staying with Starwood for now though since they have the power to be transferred to almost any airline at any time. Flexibility can often be better than losing out on some free points.

If you do have a plan for using American miles, this bonus is great to take advantage of. Take a look and keep this in mind, the promotion runs through September 14th, roughly a month left to grab this offer if needed.