Delta's New Business Class Suite

That's right, Delta is upgrading their business class seats to suites starting next year with the delivery of their brand new A350 aircraft. 

Delta, in my eyes, has a fairly sub par business class on most of their 767 flights. Since much of their European flights take place on 767's, a good majority of business class passengers have to contend with a fairly lackluster seat. This is especially true when compared to the competition that has in many cases settled on the reverse herringbone seat arrangement that seems to be the gold standard. Delta's move here to a suite is a good one, and one that actually puts them in league with the likes of Emirates and Singapore Airlines.

Comparing Delta to Emirates and Singapore is a bit of a overstatement. Delta's in air product will not be to the level of Emirates, but one thing Delta will blow Emirates out of the water with is that their new suites are for business class. These new suites will feature doors like we see on Emirates, and Singapore first class. Delta is adding this to business class though, a fully enclosed private suite in the sky. 

Emirates is notorious for having a fairly unimpressive business class, despite their awesome first class experience. Business class seats tend to be upwards of 7 per row on Emirates A380 aircraft, providing very little privacy in an era of great business class seats. Delta will far surpass Emirates in this regard. 

The one major complaint I have with the new Delta suite is how long we have to wait for it. They only plan to start bringing the new design into the fold on their new A350 aircraft not due to arrive until the end of next year. Once those start to arrive, Delta plans to start retrofitting their 777 fleet with the new business class product as well.

Once the new seats come online here is a little of what we can expect:

  • Customization Lighting
  • Movable Door to Close Suite
  • Divider for Center Seats
  • Extra At Seat Storage
  • Westin Heavenly Bedding
  • Memory Foam Seat Cushions

I for one am very much looking forward to trying out this new fully enclosed suite, it looks pretty amazing.