Chase Pay - We Don't Need Another Payment App

With Chase refusing to add their cards to Android Pay until "sometime this year," I have to ask the obvious question, is Chase Pay a non-starter out of the gate? I think the simple answer is yes.

After announcing an almost 6 month delay in the development of Chase pay, it becomes more and more obvious that Chase Pay isn't going to go anywhere once they finally get it going. Now slated for the end of the year, Chase Pay is way behind in a market that they are already at a disadvantage in.

Currently the major players are Apple Pay and Android Pay. Outside of that comes the other options including Samsung Pay, Paypal, and a few small others. Chase Pay promises to only support Chase credit cards right now. Which out of the gate puts it way below all other payment options. This means that Chase Pay isn't going to support any other cards, no debit cards outside Chase, nothing... so why use it? In a world of Apple Pay and Android Pay, why would anyone want to lock into such a limited app.

Further more, Chase is creating some bad blood by waiting so long to support Android Pay. Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay are already supported, so why isn't Android Pay supported? A recent survey showed that Android pay has a larger active user base than any other platform... yet Chase refuses to add to Android until some arbitrary date. In the mean time I don't spend money on Chase cards and am less likely to do so in the future when they finally implement Chase cards on Android Pay.

So Chase, it's time to stop development of an app no one is looking for and focus on supporting the already existing platforms. Make customers happy, not act in what you see as your own interest.