American and Delta, Free In Air Entertainment

If you've flown domestically on American and Delta in the last few years, you probably have noticed that many domestic planes are offering in flight entertainment now. Most of the time I've experienced this in first class so I haven't seen much in the way of restrictions on what you can watch. In economy though, the options available to watch have been fairly restrictive.

Back at the beginning of June, Delta made the move to make all in flight entertainment free. This is a great move from a customer satisfaction point of view. Much of Delta's success rides on how happy they keep customers. This means on time departures and landings, and operating as smoothly as possible. Adding the free in flight entertainment for domestic flights (international entertainment has always been free), is another check mark for Delta in keeping customers loyal. 

Well this week, American Airlines made an announcement that they would be joining Delta in this offering. Now all domestic in flight entertainment will be free for American Airlines customers.  This is a much needed move from American Airlines. While they are merely following Delta on this one to keep pace in the market place, it is a promising shift for a company that has failed to win any favor from me lately. 

So, for anyone travelling domestically from here on out, keep and eye out for entertainment even on your domestic flights!