Citi Still Can't Seem To Fix My Account

After all the hassle of the other day that forced me to recreate my Citi credit card account, now I'm starting to run into even more problems with Citi and the kicker is, Citi has no idea how to fix them.

Yesterday after finally getting all my accounts linked, I attempted to pay my credit card off. Apparently Citi doesn't like me paying them money, so when I attempted to add my bank account to the new accounts, the system gave an error and didn't allow me to add my checking account to the website. After a few attempts I was forced to call customer service.

Customer service finally patched me through to the technical team and I was run through a number of steps that didn't work. Oddly enough the person on the phone was able to see my bank accounts attached to my credit cards, but I was unable to see or use them. I'm guessing this all stemmed from them forcing me to recreate my online account. Likely the checking accounts are linked through my old online account and trying to link them again is causing errors. Citi couldn't find where the problem laid though, so I was forced to sit by and wait while someone tries to fix the error.

I'm still waiting this morning, no update on the ticket that was opened and still no way to pay my bill online. Citi, if you didn't want me to pay my bill, you could have just zeroed out my balance, I'm not opposed to that.