My Citi Accounts Need Complete Reset

Last year at some point Citi ran a special where you were able to open a CitiGold checking account. If you spent so much through that account, you could earn something like 20 or 30,000 AAdvantage miles for opening the account and meeting the spend limit. Funny thing about it was that if you went to the post office, used your debit card for a money order and transferred that money back into you normal checking account, that would meet the minimum spend. In essence you didn't need to spend more than the $1-$2 fee for the money order to meet the spend requirements.

CitiGold has some massive requirements to avoid their account fees, so once the bonus was posted, I closed the account. Citi took roughly forever to completely close out the account. While I had cancelled the account, it sat on my account page for a few months after I closed it, though the fees were never levied so I didn't pay much attention to it. At some point it went away.

Now that I have moved to South Carolina, the Citi servers detected that I was not logging in from the same location anymore and attempted to add a security check to my first log in from my new home. Problem was that it was asking for me to verify my debit card number and account number. I knew my debit card number, but my account number was totally different story. After attempting to use other credit card accounts, I gave up and called Citi.

After talking to an agent, he went off to correct the issue. Only a few minutes later, the rep came back and told me I needed to completely recreate my account.... what? My login had to be recreated, my password needed to be changed, new security questions needed to be created and more. After a painstaking process of all the new log in information (couldn't reuse my old username and security questions were all new), I jumped into my account.

Quickly it was apparent that all my cards had been unlinked on my account as well. This now meant that the remaining cards on my account had to then be added one by one to my account again. There are likely more things I need to update again like the bank account I pay my cards from, and more. 

Citi has long been the worst website layout of the three major credit card companies I use. They seem to always doing website maintenance on weekends that don't allow you to log in, and the website needs a visual refresh badly. Now it appears that unlinking your checking account can cause a host of issues as well. Citi, might be time to rethink the way you handle the back end on your website, customers shouldn't have to spend an hour recreating their online account because they closed 1 checking account 9 months ago.

Keep this in mind if you are creating a checking account for a similar reason.

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