New Evidence Leaked in Missing MH370 Flight

We probably all remember when Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing in March of 2014. Disappearance of the plane triggered a worldwide effort to find where the plane went down. Effort continued for 12 months after the plane went missing and involved massive fleets from many different countries primarily run by both Malaysia and Australia. Since the plane turned and flew out over the ocean, radar contact was lost with the plane quite soon into the flight, which is why it was so difficult to find the aircraft in the first place.

Some new evidence has been leaked to the world now and it seems that as many had suspected, the pilot may have intentionally ran the plane out of fuel somewhere west of Australia. The evidence found was from Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah's personal computer. On his computer was Microsoft Flight Simulator X and the FBI had assisted in recovering data from that program. They were able to see a flight path he set up on the computer that closely mimicked the path we saw MH370 take on the day it went missing.

This marks the first time we have seen hard evidence that the Captain may be directly responsible for the downing of flight MH370. It also sheds some light on a case that seems to have been very cold for a long time. Unfortunately this appears to be knowledge that the FBI and Malaysia government knew already, and Malaysia chose not to disclose. Since this information was already known, this doesn't means that we know exactly where the plane is right now. The flight simulator flight track and the track flown by Shah on March 8th, 2014 are still quite different, enough that without precise data, we won't know exactly where the aircraft went down from just this.

Marking the first time we've had evidence that the crash of MH370 was intentional, this is some very awful news. One person flying an entire plane full of people out to their deaths on purpose is a crime which words fail to describe just how awful of an act this really is. At some point MH370 may be discovered, but that is likely to not happen for a very long time. We likely won't see a resurgence in search effort from this, but it does shed some light on what happened that day on 2014.