American Is Falling Further Behind In Loyalty

Transferable Points are a big part of the miles and points world. In an era where Amex has multiple cards with Membership Rewards points available to transfer to Delta and Chase has Ultimate Rewards cards to transfer to United, where is the comparable Citi card?

American Airlines has focused heavily on integration with US Airways over the past year and that had quite a lot to do with them staying on top of the loyalty program world. Now that the merger is behind them and the loyalty program is properly merged, American Airlines has begun to destroy their lead in the world of loyalty programs. Now that American Airlines is pretty much on par with Delta, there is not good reason to stay with any one loyalty program other than the minute differences. 

American Airlines seems to be focused on being at parity with Delta, but forgetting to match the remaining bonuses that exist not only with Delta, but also with United. Transferable points are a big deal in the credit card world. Not only do these points transfer to Delta or United depending on the card, but also to other partners like British Airways, Etihad and many others. The fact that we've been expecting American Airlines to add CitiBank as a transfer partner, but are still waiting, is not a good sign. It seems that American Airlines is so hyper focused on devaluing their program, they have forgotten to add value in key areas to keep them on par with the competition.

Honestly, this is a big deal that I still cannot transfer my ThankYou Rewards points to American Airlines. I think this needs to be changed, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. As it stands this is another big reason to switch away from American Airlines. They are not doing themselves a favor.