EQM's Now Showing In New AAdvantage Update

If you remember back to some older posts of mine, I've long taken issue with the way American Airlines displays their miles to customers. After taking a flight on American, the posted miles would show earned miles and bonus miles after you flew the segments. Problem is that the most important thing for us to know is the Elite Qualifying Miles so we can tell if they posted properly. This was not shown anywhere.

Basically you had to know your previous balance and subtract that from your current total in order to find what was earned from recent flights. This problem was further compounded when multiple flights posted in quick succession. There was no way to break those out and see if each individual flight earned what was expected. 

If you go to your AAdvantage account today though, you'll see this has finally changed. In your account, the earning from your old flights and from here forward will show how many Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) and Elite Qualifying Segments (EQS) were earned on each flight.

New AAdvantage Account Layout

New AAdvantage Account Layout

As you can see from a quick capture out of my account, there is a new column dedicated to EQM and EQS. Here you can see the actual miles earned in each case. There is still some room for improvement here, as you can see some lines are blank, likely class of service bonus for first class trips, but that isn't explicitly stated anywhere.

All in all, this is a huge improvement and makes keeping track of points and miles much easier for American Airlines elites and customers.