AAdvantage Barclaycard Credit Cards Incoming

Before the merger with American Airlines, US Airways' credit card provider was Barclaycard. Barclaycard has one or two decent cards under their belts, but for the most part, their offerings aren't the best around. After merging with American Airlines, those who previously held US Airways credit cards were issued new cards through Barclaycard, but no new cards were allowed to be issued to anyone who wasn't previously a card member. It seems that is about to change.

American Airlines has announced that new credit cards will begin to be issued by Barclaycard in the near future. This in no way means that Citi will stop issuing cards. Instead, American Airlines will become the first airline to issue co-branded credit cards under two different banks, both Citi and Barclaycard. 

At the moment all we know is that Barclaycard will begin to offer the new credit cards through exclusive channels beginning in January. Citi will continue to be advertised through AA.com, mobile and in Admiral Club lounges. Barclaycard will however replace Citi in airports and on board the aircraft, here the new card offerings will be exclusively advertised with no mention of the other Citi offerings.

This is a unique situation and one that will certainly benefit users such as those of us who churn credit cards. More options mean more ways to get miles and that is always a good thing for the customer.

My criticisms of American still stand in this arena though. There was no announcement of Citi transferable points to American Airlines. Also there was no mention of using Citi or Barclaycard spend to bypass the revenue requirements being added to American Airline elite status. So while this is great news that will grab me lots of new miles, the problems I have with American Airlines stand, and my switch to Delta will remain my current course of action.

I am looking forward to seeing some great offers from Barclaycard in the near future.