Gearing Up for American's New 787-9

That's right, American Airlines is about to take delivery of their first 787-9 aircraft, the larger capacity, stretched fuselage version of the popular 787 aircraft line. 787 aircraft boast great fuel efficiency, passenger comfort and more... though I might be a bit biased on that front since I did help design the 787; both the -8 and -9 variants.

American Airlines has just announced which routes are going to be covered by the new 787-9 aircraft. The new aircraft type will depute on the Dallas (DFW) to Madrid (MAD) route and the Dallas to Sao Paulo (SAO) route as well. Starting yesterday, you are now able to book the 787-9 flights on the American Airlines website.

Beyond this being an excellent opportunity to fly aboard the brand new variant and a shiny new airplane, this will be the initial launch of a few new interior features that we will be seeing more of from American Airlines. First off will be the brand new business class seats from American Airline's new seat manufacturer. After having trouble with the seats on both their new 787-8 business class and 777-200 business class refreshes, a new manufacturer was chosen. Problems with the previous seats presented as a wobbly motion during normal flight, as if someone was kicking your seat throughout the entire flight. Luckily my experiences were always in bulkhead business class seating so i never experienced this, but many reviewers have seen this, and I have heard a first hand account from another passenger of this very issue. Aside from seat comfort issues, the previous manufacturer had trouble delivering on time and meeting the demand from American Airlines for new seats.

One other interior change is coming online with the new 787-9 aircraft and that will be premium economy. Many international carriers have had great success with premium economy. While not as good as the lie flat business class seats, these new seats will be more like domestic first class seats with an enhanced meal experience. The little secret here is that premium economy seating will not be sold until next year, so these new premium economy seats will show up as Main Cabin Extra seating until that time. For those of us with elite status on American, these seats will be free to choose, as such you would be able to get a premium economy experience without having to pay for it through at least the end of 2016.

The new international routes for the 787-9 will start flights on November 4th of this year. So keep that in mind and keep an eye out for these flights if you are considering Sao Paulo or Madrid for your upcoming flights.