A Honeymoon On Delta

With my decision yesterday to jump ship with American Airlines, there is one thing that has been a huge drag on my choice, one that has been forcing me to really consider sticking with American Airlines. Next year I will be getting married and the subsequent honeymoon to Asia will be financed with points, and miles. Switching to Delta this year definitely makes me a little nervous when it comes to planning for next year. 

My current American Airlines mileage sits somewhere around 115,000 miles. Over the next year, with credit card openings and planned flights, I will easily surpass the needed miles for a big trip. There was little worry about hitting the amount I needed to make this happen, the worry comes when switching to Delta. Delta is already on a revenue based program, so the more I spend the more miles I get. With a good percentage of my usable miles coming from flights, the question is, Do I have enough time to accrue miles with Delta to fly to Japan?

The quick answer is yes, but there is more to it. The same strategies I use for American work with Delta. Credit card sign ups, spending money with shopping portals and more. There is a bonus here that American Airlines doesn't yet have... Membership Rewards. Delta is partnered with American Express with membership rewards, United is partnered with Chase Ultimate Rewards. American Airlines still has not initiated a partnership with their credit card carrier, Citi, for a transferable miles currency. This gives a huge advantage to Delta in this case. I can accrue membership rewards and transfer them to Delta.

We also need to keep in mind that I will not stop grabbing new cards, new ways of earning points and there is no reason that I will need to fly solely with Delta. There are lots of other airlines. Miles can cover those just as easily as a Delta flight and I have a large backlog of miles to work from at this point. All of that being said, it should be no issue to switch to Delta and still make all of the travel plans I already had in mind.