US Airways Flight 1549 Movie - "Sully"

US Flight 1549, one of the most impressive examples of piloting skill in recent history. Upon takeoff, the A320 aircraft suffered multiple bird strikes in both engines right after takeoff. After attempting a turn back to La Guardia airport for an emergency landing, the pilot was unable to return to La Guardia and could not divert to Teterboro airport.

At that point, the captain, Chelsey Sullenberger, made way for the Hudson river. With the skill of 40 years of flying under his belt, Captain Sullenberger, affectionately known as "Sully", put the A320 gently into the Hudson River. All 155 passengers, along with the crew survived the event. Captain Sullenberger instantly became a celebrity for his impressive flying skills and ability to safely pull off one of the most difficult landings ever attempted.

Yesterday, Warner Brothers studios released the first trailer for the new movie dubbed "Sully." While my first gut reaction was a bit of confusion on how a full length film could be derived from the few short minutes that the plane was in the air, my fear were alleviated by the trailer. The movie focuses on the aftermath of the crash and the investigation surrounding the pilot. This air crash has been one that has long held a fascination for me. Add Tom Hanks in and I'm sold on the film when I rarely see movies in the theater anymore. This will definitely draw me in.

Check out the trailer and see if it interests you too.