United's New Business Class.... Finally

United unveiled a new business class yesterday, called Polaris, and I have one thing to say... it's about time. Previous to this announcement, United's business class model was way behind the market trends. Cramming business class seats together and having seat mates for international business class was crazy. I've flown a American and United business class, and I've seen Delta's business class first hand. United's to date was the worst.

For me, my ideal position in business class is to have a window to the outside world and to have access to the aisle for use of the lavatory when needed. When I flew to South America on a United 787, my seatmate was up and down enough hat I never needed to ask him to move for me to use the bathroom, but it would likely have been a hassle had he not been so mobile during the flight. In an era where leading business class has ever seat with aisle access, Unites seat was looking a little antiquated.

New seat arrangements from United have brought them back up to speed with the market. I wouldn't say the seat looks to be as good as a reverse herringbone configuration that appears to be the gold standard, but United went with their own design in this case, somewhat similar to much of the way Delta does business class. in my opinion this still puts American way ahead with how good their seats are, but United is a good option as well.

United's quick video shows what you can expect from the new layout.

Hopefully we see this retrofitted to existing planes as quickly as possible and get rid of the old seat arrangements. Kudos United, this is a good move.