SpaceX - Crew Dragon

Looking beyond our day to day travel on Earth, quickly the land is starting to change in respect to beyond Earth travel. Private companies have begun to make huge leaps forward in space travel technology. We've even seen plans to send a super small spacecraft to a neighboring star systems hit the drawing boards, and it may easily be in our lifetime.

Starting with regaining US access to space for astronauts, SpaceX seems to be the top candidate for this job. Now my own love of SpaceX may be showing here, because the Boeing/Lockheed space alliance is also making a crew capsule as well. Problem is, Boeing is way behind on their design and seemingly prone to the failures of a big lumbering company. SpaceX has been undercutting and taking quite a bit of business away from the larger Boeing/Lockheed joint venture as they struggle to shift gears to keep up with their waning market share.

SpaceX has proposed an amazing design for their new crew dragon capsule. When we think of capsules carrying humans, often the idea of Apollo era cramped quarters comes to mind. Bulky displays and instrument panels, wiring hanging out of holes, and generally a design from an era ago that somehow is stuck in our head as normal. SpaceX has brought the space capsule into the 21st century with clean designs, open space, and multi use displays covering all the possible information needed.

Check out the video they have put together of their new interior design on the Dragon Crew.

While this is certainly an intermediate step in space travel, it's a needed one and something that may act as a stepping stone to the next giant leap.