Brexit Backlash

Now that the UK has spoken on the Brexit vote, they will now be leaving the European Union. In my humble opinion, this is a huge mistake, but this is the way things were voted. With the UK exiting the EU, what exactly is the going to mean for travel to an from Heathrow and other UK destinations.

Those of you who have traveled through Heathrow like I do a number of times a year, you notice that the EU has special lines that tend to speed the process of passing through immigration control. With the Brexit now approved, the questions remains as to how the UK will be handling this change. If the UK switches those EU lines to UK only, then we can expect a major shift in wait times for not only the EU citizens, but also for foreign visitors as well. Those EU lines shifting to foreign lines will make wait times increase significantly for all foreign visitors and likely even more for EU visitors. Of course the lines will be reorganized as traffic flow changes, but there is likely going to be some slow down in what can already be a slow immigration process.

Outside of lines and adjustments to wait times, is the value of the British Pound which took a massive hit after the vote. Along with the deep declines in the stock market, the British pound dropped quite a lot versus the dollar and this means that if you are coming from the US, then your money is going to have a lot more buying power. Secondarily, if you are a UK citizen, then the pound has lost a lot of value travelling worldwide.

These are the sorts of impacts that often aren't taken into account on a vote like this. In a global economy, a vote such as this does not just impact one country, but impacts the world. Time will only tell how everything will shake out from this.