Using AMEX Card to Get Status

Every major airline in the US is partnered with a credit card company to offer perks, points, miles, and more. In the case of Delta, the credit card company they use is American Express, or AMEX. American Express has 3 major peprsonal cards, and 2 major business cards under the Delta Skymiles tag. 

The interesting and fairly unique thing about these AMEX cards is that you could actually spend your way to elite status on Delta. Now this would mean you need to spend a whole lot of cash to make that happen, but in the case that spending money is more feasible than flying 75,000-100,000 miles, it may be a good alternative for you. 

In the case of the Delta reserve card, every $30,000 you spend earns you 15,000 MQM up to a max of 30,000 MQM. The Platinum card does the same at $25,000 and $50,000 spend limits but with the minor change of only receiving 10,000 MQM at each level. If you were to own the business and personal versions of these card and could put $200,000 of spend on these card (not something I'm going to be doing), then you can potentially get 100,000 MQM on one account. That's only 25,000 miles short of max elite status.

So while $200,000 is completely unachievable for me and most of us in this world, we might be able to use a boost here or there when reaching $25,000 in spend. 

Of course the downside here is that this is spend that might have been better placed on another card with more valuable points. This all needs to be weighed out in the end, are the MQM and Delta miles earned worth enough to offset the reduced value of the points. I think it may be worth it with the fact that the spend on the Delta cards offsets the spend requirement on Delta flights for Elite Status.