American Might Not Run Smoothly Behind The Scenes

Waking up this morning, I quickly checked my emails received while asleep, usually an uneventful sort of thing. Normally a bunch of emails about discounts here and there, I sweep them away and go back to what I was doing. Today was a bit different, sitting in my inbox was a notification that 25,000 Advantage miles we deducted from my account... where did that come from?

Now if you remember back 2 months, you may be aware that I flew business class back from Beijing, China. Under American's system, this is a minor cost of $300 and 25,000 miles for an upgrade from Economy to Business class. Problem is that after I returned to the US, the miles never came out of my account. Things took so long that eventually I chalked this up to an error in my favor and went about my day. Another month strolled by and still the miles were in my account and I promptly forgot about the event.

This morning I woke to the miles being removed from my account yet no explanation for what they are being pulled out for. American's AAdvantage system is awful when it comes to telling you what you earned and where. I never see exactly what I earned as far as Elite Qualifying Miles, and the system is very lacking in detail about redemptions and other events.

Recent problems with identity theft and my dedication to keeping my cyber world secure, this was a red flag to me. Was this the missing miles that they are catching up on or was this someone accessing my account? After calling American Airlines, I learned absolutely nothing and that's another problem. Call centers, with the exception of certain customer service centers not open at 8am East Coast time, don't have access to account details. She can see only what I can see and that is a problem. Dealing with issues like this require me to act fast and American's poor customer service strikes again. Just wait an hour to learn if we screwed up or someone accessed your account.

The agent did drop a hint that things behind the scene might not be as rosy as we are all lead to believe. I was rightfully upset that this took 2 months to show in their system, which is downright unacceptable. She chalked this up to problems merging the computer systems and that things were still being dealt with. Well that's news to most of us, as we were lead to believe that the merging of systems went smoothly almost a year ago, and they are still having problems?

She gave another excuse, that I should know how much is in my account. I've heard this excuse from banks before and it ended in multiple class action lawsuits for not properly updating customer accounts. Not that this is identical, but I've heard this sort of rhetoric before. I would really like to know what would have happened if I had spent 100,000 miles on a ticket, what would they have done when the 25,000 miles caught up and there wasn't 25,000 miles sitting in my account to pull from. Would they have charged me for an error on their part? This is a questions I have not gotten an answer to yet.

American seems to be making misstep after misstep right now, and my choice to move to Delta get's confirmed over and over again. American, you should really start reigning things in before you start to loose customers to your competition.