Amex, Callbacks Are Important

As you all likely know by now, I'm in the process of moving over to Delta as my preferred airline. With that process, I decided to pick up the Amex Delta Reserve card. Perks of the Delta Reserve card that I was looking for was mostly access to Delta Sky Clubs. This means that as long as I'm flying on a Delta ticket, I have access to any Delta lounge in their network.

After signing up and quickly being approved for the card, I received the card in the mail very quickly, activated it and made my first purchase. This card gives 10,000 redeemable miles and 10,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles after your first purchase. The miles transfer were started and I went about my business. 

Everything looked good until I was working on moving over to the Skymiles Dining program instead of using the American Airlines dining program. Looking for my skymiles account number I went to get my number and realized that the number listed on my new Amex card looked wrong. Quickly following up, I realized what had happened. Upon signup of the new card, my Skymiles account number was never requested for some reason and at the time I found that odd. However, I was logged into my Amex account which already has a Delta card assigned to it. Figuring Amex had used that card to tie to my active account, I paid no more attention to that. It was a mistake.

Long calls with Amex and the pending points caused an issue. The representative promised to call me back when they figured out how to correct the account number. All day passed by and nothing happened. This is where my problem arises. While I understand that you must go about your business while another department looks into the issue, it is very important that if you promise a callback, that you do indeed call me back. I can't leave these things open ended like this.

Customer service at Amex tends to be quite good, but I've heard this problem come up pretty regularly. customer service is important, and keeping cutomers happy goes a long way. While I don't believe customers are always right, I do think that a quick callback isn't too much to ask of a representative, especially when they tell you this is what is going to happen.

So while I've been generally happy with you Amex, this is a point that might need a little work.