AAdvantage 35th Anniversary Giveaway

American Airlines launched a giveaway yesterday to celebrate 35 years of the AAdvantage loyalty program. The point of the sweepstakes is to give away a large amount of miles to some 35 lucky customers. The giveaway is 350,000 AAdvantage miles to each of those who win the sweepstakes, just need to register with your AAdvantage number, email, name, and some information about a special event you would be using the miles for. Since this promotion is focused on special occasions, it is asking you provide a quick overview of the event you are planning to use the miles for as sort of a feel good way of getting people involved in the giveaway.

I am a number guy though and sweepstakes like this rarely have good odds of winning. If they are simple, and take very little time, I do enter such things as you may get lucky. If it takes too much time it’s probably not worth it. Much like the lottery, the odds of winning something like this are so low, that it is near 0% chance of getting anything out of the actual sweepstakes or giveaway, so in my eyes, my time is valuable to me and if it’s a lot of effort, I’ll just skip it.

AAdvantage has sweetened the deal here a bit though and are giving away some free AAdvantage miles to everyone who enters. So if you make your way over to the sweepstakes website and sign up, you are guaranteed 350 miles just for entering. Enter at this link: AAdvantage Promotion

Once you finish entering there is another page that will load and give you the chance to share with friends either through twitter, Facebook, or email. Personally I used Twitter, but I would have preferred the email option since I’m not one for spamming promotions on social media. Unfortunately I entered the contest when it first opened yesterday and the system was bogged down with everyone hitting the page at the same time so the email option wasn’t working. Everything appears to have slowed down a bit now and the website is working well, so take your pick. If you share the promotion through any of those methods, you will be able to receive another 350 miles free.

Total free miles from the promotion are 700 miles if you maximize it, and this makes it well worth the few minutes it takes to quickly fill out the application and share. Grab the free miles while you can, and expect to see them added to your account in 6-8 weeks after the sweepstakes ends, don’t argue with free, it’s a good value