Traveling as a Vegetarian

Since becoming a vegetarian more than a year ago, I have found one thing about travelling. The United States seems to be one of the easiest places to eat as a vegetarian. Chalk this up to being fluent in English, but I find eating abroad to be particularly difficult. China and Korea for me had similar issues, the menu's were so hard to read and sometimes dishes so difficult to discern what was in them. My stance here was to order where I could read the menu, and if I couldn't read it, avoid it.

France has be a particular problem in the past as well. I can actually read French decently, at least enough to know what I'm eating and there are very few places, at least around Aix En Provence, that offer vegetarian dishes... though the cafeteria where I worked over in France always had a vegetarian dish. This may have stemmed from the international nature of the project and having vegetarian cultures present, like many people from India work on the site, India have a large population of vegetarians and huge culture of vegetarian dishes.

My plane landed late last night from my trip to South Carolina. One that that made me happy was how easy it was to eat in the area we are moving to. In the south, BBQ, meat, fried chicken and the like are staples. Finding veggie burgers, vegetarian Persian food,  and more all around the area shows something I've really noticed recently, the US us becoming very friendly to not only vegetarians, but also vegans. 

Even in the back water towns of Oregon, I've found not only a veggie burger, but a veggie burger that rivals some of the best restaurants. In a town with only 2 restaurants, and maybe 500 people, it blew me away that I could find something to eat, and they carried soy milk for my chai tea.

It has been quite a while since I've made my way to England, so I'd love to walk around London and see what options are available there. I can say however that travelling in places you don't speak the language can make finding food very difficult.

Does anyone have tricks to eating abroad on a vegetarian diet?