Most Anticipated Trip of the Year

Earlier this year I started to book a trip in an effort of grabbing my 6th continent visited. During that time I was focused on Cape Town, South Africa. This seemed like a good plan, a resort town I’ve heard nothing but great things about, and as it worked out, a ton of fun flights to be had. As I looked at routing home, my desire to fly Emirates First Class took over and this ultimately lead me to staying in Dubai as well.

As I’ve continued to look at both destinations, Dubai has oddly enough overtaken Cape Town as the place I’m looking forward to visiting the most this year. The desert hardly seems like a place to be, but somehow Dubai has really made itself to be an amazing destination for everyone. Air traffic through DXB has increased every year as they become the one stop layover for traffic flowing to other countries around the world.

Personally Dubai has held a bit of fascination in my mind ever since introducing the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. While there is little that can rival my love for astronomy and aircraft, worldwide architecture is something that comes close. From the glass pyramid of the Louvre, to the Sydney Opera House, architecture of the world is something that excites me and drives me to seek a new location. I made a trip out one night in Beijing to merely see the CCTV building because the design has always fascinated me… might have something to do with me being an engineer and trying to figure out how to build such a structure.

In Dubai though, the Burj Khalifa stands as the undisputed champion of skyscrapers. Burj Khalifa stands a whopping 2,722 feet (829.8m) tall and at the time supplanted Taipei 101 as the tallest building in the world. It is an undoubtedly beautiful shape and so dwarfs the surrounding buildings, they seem like single story homes in comparison.

Surrounding the Burj Khalifa is the Burj Khalifa park filled with water fountains, shopping centers and so much to do. Dubai does everything big, in an effort to attract tourists from around the world planning for a date that the oil money is no longer a big source of revenue for the United Arab Emirates. As the city builds bigger and more extravagant, the sights to see are boundless. Indoor ski resorts, and malls that you might not have to leave for days at a time.

Dubai has quickly become the number one destination on my radar right now. To top the entire thing off, I get to return to the United States in the luxury of an Emirates A380-800, surrounded by the most opulent first class cabin. Cruising at almost 40,000 ft in the air, I’ll be able to shower in warm water because Emirates figures, why the hell not. This trip starts off with a wonderful time in South Africa, but Dubai has captivated me and promises to finish off with a bang.