An Opportunity to Swap to Delta, Is It Worth It?

Right now, I'm dealing with an upcoming move to a new city, a new state, and a new part of the country. With all this comes a lull in travel as we prepare for the move. I have one more trip planned to that area in search of a new home, but past that nothing is booked until October. Not something I like, but something that is needed as things transition.

The unique thing about where I'm moving is that it places me almost equally distanced between and American Airlines hub and a Delta hub. In this case, I'm placed in the position of being able to choose how I want to continue forward with my status. 

On one hand, American is where I currently have my status and for what it's worth they are currently still operating on a mileage program based on flown miles instead of revenue based model... but that's about to change as American follows behind Delta and copies their exact miles earning model. 

The new proximity to Delta does give me a good chance to try out a new program if I want... but I'm sticking with American, an here's why. American Airlines has a better strategy for earning elite qualifying miles. Premium class paid flights earn more EQM's on American than the same seat earn on Delta. This is a theme that carries through Delta, as good as their customer service on board has become, their miles program is awful. Delta Skymiles are so well known for repeatedly being devalued by the airline, they've been nicknamed Skypesos. 

American Airlines still publishes an award chart, Delta does not and don't be fooled, Delta does this for a reason. Delta is hiding how much their standard award redemption charts because they don't want you to know how much things cost. Delta prices award on a case by case basis and claimed sales here and there. Right now they have some good deals, supposedly, but it's hard to know if it's a good deal since there is no chart to say what it's supposed to be.

Delta is a high revenue company, and they seem to feel that loyalty doesn't factor into that equation. Year after year Delta snubs their loyal customers and I am not interested in becoming a part of that. Delta angered me long ago with poor bag handling every time I flew with them. That isn't what keep me from them now, a poor rewards program keeps me away these days.

Unless I see something remotely interesting out of Delta, or American screws with their program, I'm staying with American for now.